Linen Sustainability

Linen is the perfect textile for a sustainable future

Our flax is grown in France. Ecologically friendly, flax is a 100% renewable plant that requires less fertilisers, pesticides and less water to produce than other textile products. The flax is an annual plant with a short growth cycle with every part of the plant used to produce products; linen, paper, rope, string and linseed oil. All Linen & Limes’ products are 100% Linen. For the packaging we use hand printed calico bags, linen string and linen paper, all materials are 100% recyclable and can be reused or repurposed. Making our linen the perfect fabric for a sustainable future. 

For garment production we work closely with a small family run business. This year we have started to work with experienced machinists working from home enabling the machinists the opportunity to continue to work, organise childcare and work around their busy family lives. We pride ourselves on our close working relationships ensuring all our products are ethically made in a safe and fair environment.