Our Story

The idea to start our business started as far back as the summer of 2006 when we decided to take a sabbatical from our careers in the UK, and uproot the family and go to live in Brittany, France, where our maison secondaire, an 1850s Presbytere was located. My partner, daughters Eden and Fleur and I were so excited to start a new adventure and continue with our love affair with all things French.

We arrived in the August for the start of what turned out to be the best experience a father/partner could wish for, spending 24/7 quality time with the ones you love and watching your children blossom.

We had holidayed many a year in France, but it’s not until you live there and integrate that you really appreciate the culture, people and traditions.  Our home was in need of a renovation after lying empty for many years and so the we commenced the work in earnest, sympathetically restoring or replacing original features, furnishing the property with original French furniture and textiles.

For centuries the Brittany region of France was also an area where linen flax was cultivated, prepared into yarns and woven into fabrics and exported worldwide. The Brittany climate is ideal for Flax growing with it’s cooler climate and deep fertile soil. This also proved perfect for our vegetables as our potager began to establish itself.

We spent many weekends wandering through the local antique markets, where many old French linen fabrics and garments were for sale. We couldn’t help but appreciate the quality of this fabric. This is where the love affair with French linens started.
We now reside in Adelaide, Australia and our new journey is just beginning. We will be offering quality products designed in Adelaide made from high quality linen sourced in Europe. 

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